About us

Tom & Jeanne

We are Tom and Jeanne Waterfield, owners of Apple-a-Day Custom Products. Thank you for visiting our website. All of our products are hand-crafted, by us, in our home. We have always enjoyed working with our hands and making things, so working with leather was a natural addition to the woodworking, knitting/crocheting, embroidery and quilting we were already doing.

We got started in leatherwork just a few years ago. We love going to the Bristol Renaissance Faire, and Tom decided that after years of going as a Musketeer (too hot), he would go as a Scotsman. He bought a "grand" kilt (the type that is a 60" by 7 yards piece of plaid that is pleated and wrapped around the body as it is put on). He needed a leather sporran and decided to make one for himself. That turned out well, so he made a hat. At that point I thought it looked like fun, so I made a few things, too - and away we went!

Our current line of products includes belts, book covers, journals, wallets, handbags, bags and pouches for black-powder enthusiasts, holsters, motorcycle bags, and whatever else our customers request. We also have a few quilted, knitted and crocheted items.

We hope you enjoyed viewing our booth. If you see anything you want, but would rather it was made in a different color or style, please let us know. About 50% of our production is custom-made to our customers' specifications.

You can see us on Facebook and we are available by phone or email. You can reach us at 219-771-5291, or Thank you for your interest!